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Bold Forms & a clear Statement: The Artist ortrait Susanne Kirsch

Dear art lovers of exquisite aesthetics and excellent taste, today we would like to introduce you to a renowned artist who is already represented in numerous private collections worldwide: Susanne Kirsch. "I want to reinvent art and create a unique, free form - I want to give the viewer of my works the feeling of making the impossible possible," says Susanne Kirsch about her art. The freelance artist, born in Frankfurt in 1966, lives and works in Rodenbach. While studying color painting from 2017 with Professor Jerry Zeniuk and Ingrid Floß at the art academy in Kolbermoor and Bad Reichenhall, Kirsch lends her painting groundbreaking accents. Through the interplay of colors, she skillfully creates the illusion of spatial depth in her multi-layered compositions. She has gained recognition at exhibitions and art fairs as well as through publications in two international art books. She is the author of the book "Farben formen-expressiv malen" and works as a lecturer at the Kunstfabrik in Vienna.

To complement this, an art book about her entitled "There is no answer to the question" was recently published, which impressively captures her artistic journey and her world of thought. In this book, she invites readers to dive deep into her creative vision and explore the boundaries of art. The special magic in Kirsch's art lies in her ability to evoke emotions through multi-layered compositions. Her works gained international recognition very early on and have been presented at numerous exhibitions and art fairs.

The aim of Kirsch's art is to challenge and surprise the viewer. With her motto "Should? Should have? Could? Would? ... Do!", she encourages us to make use of life's possibilities and engage with new things. She wants to break through the ordinary and encourage people to think. We are very pleased to present this extraordinary artist in the MIRROR. showroom in Munich at the end of July 2024.

Urban Flair meets French Chick: Artist Portrait Sascha Hausmann

Dear art lovers of exquisite aesthetics and excellent taste, immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Munich artist Sascha Hausmann, whose works embody an unmistakable fusion of urban flair and artistic sophistication. With a proud 25 years of experience as a graffiti artist and a background as a master craftsman, specifically as a master painter, Hausmann brings a rich repertoire of creative skills and technical know-how to his works. This fusion of street art and traditional craftsmanship shapes his unique urban style, which blurs the boundaries between gray surfaces and vibrant explosions of color in a fascinating way.

What makes Hausmann's art so remarkable is more than just the visual aesthetic, it is the subtle inclusion of materials and textures that invite the viewer to reflect on the complexity of urban structures and the use of resources. His works reveal an abstract world, characterized by an unmistakable formal language and a profound tactile quality that transports the viewer into new dimensions of thinking and feeling.

In addition Hausmann is an active member of the art scene, which is reflected in his participation in renowned exhibitions and art fairs. His works have been presented in various group exhibitions, always attracting attention and inspiring audiences with his creative vision.

Through his works Hausmann opens up new perspectives and stimulates important discussions about the development and transformation of urban living spaces. His art is an invitation to see the world with different eyes and to embark on a journey through the multi-layered facets of human existence.

Artist Portrait Patrick Wenzel: A genius of color excellence and dynamics

Dear art lovers of exquisite aesthetics and excellent taste: Welcome to the fascinating Expressionista by Patrick Wenzel, an artist whose works redefine the boundaries of abstract painting in an impressive way. Since 2020, Patrick Wenzel has dedicated himself to creating his own artworks. In his small, charming attic studio, a creativity unfolds that captivates with both intense colors and dynamic, energetic forms.

From a young age, Patrick Wenzel was fascinated by various forms of art. Whether architecture, sculptures, or contemporary painting – art magically attracted him. Over time, so many ideas accumulated in his mind that he decided to become an artist himself. Thus began his journey into the world of contemporary abstract art.

Wenzel works on various painting surfaces such as canvas, high-quality acrylic paper, and MDF boards. This versatility allows him to express his artistic visions in a variety of forms and structures. For him, the process of painting is not only a creative activity but also a source of joy and inner peace. He fully immerses himself in his work during the creative process, finding a balance to the hectic everyday life.

From a distance, his artworks impress with powerful forms and colors, while up close, they fascinate with hidden details. Patrick aims to inspire viewers with the energy and creativity of his works and invites them to find their own interpretation of what is visible.

Dive into the world of Patrick Wenzel and be captivated by the powerful energy and hidden details of his expressive artworks.

Fascination of Forms: The Stylistics of Amanda Heath

In the world of art, there are artists whose works touch our eyes and hearts. One such artist is Amanda Heath, whose artworks exert an unparalleled fascination on their viewers with their unique combination of colors, shapes, and emotions.

Amanda's journey as an artist began with her deep love for the human figure and the lines and shapes that surround it. This passion for the beauty of the human body is reflected in her works in an abstract and dream-like manner.

In her works, Amanda Heath employs a sophisticated color palette ranging from vibrant hues to soft pastel tones. These colors are skillfully combined, merging into a unique interplay of colors that captivates the viewer.

Another hallmark of Heath's art is her use of distorted, dream-like forms. These surreal shapes lend her works an extreme depth and invite the viewer to immerse themselves in a world of fantasy.

Abstract artworks, like those of Amanda Heath, not only stimulate our senses but have also been proven to have a stimulating effect on our brain activity. Viewing her works stimulates the synapses of imagination and enhances our creative thinking processes.

Heath's works have already gained recognition worldwide and are featured in prestigious collections and exhibitions. It is the combination of her technical finesse and her ability to translate emotions into pure abstract form that makes her art so unique and inspiring. For art lovers seeking a unique visual experience, Amanda Heath's art is undoubtedly worth discovering.

Aesthetic in Black and White: The Art of Nora Tamasko

In a world of colors, the artist Nora Tamasko boldly and gracefully delves into the beauty of a reduced black and white stylistic. With a passion for modern aesthetics, she returns to her original dream of creating and sharing beauty with the world. For Tamasko, art is an expression of her unmistakable creativity. Her personal style is characterized by clearly defined lines, natural motifs and structures, as well as harmonious, monochromatic color pigments. Each of her works invites the viewer to immerse themselves in an ordered world of reduction and simplicity. It is the focus on the essentials that runs consistently through her impressive series.

The uniqueness of Tamasko's art lies in her ability to create works of the highest craftsmanship and precision. In a time when most products are mass-produced by machines and individuality is sidelined, she focuses on the individual and their unique personality in her commissioned works. She creates commissioned pieces that bring modern and contemporary flair as well as individuality and personality into the spaces of her discerning clients.Tamasko builds on a long tradition of black and white art. Even in ancient cultures such as Greek and Roman art, black and white art was prominently represented, whether in the form of vase painting or engravings.

Black and white art conveys a special emotional intensity because, due to the absence of colors, it directs focus on shapes, contrasts, and textures. In a world often overwhelmed by noise and colors, Tamasko's art is an analogy to an oasis of peace and beauty. Her black and white worlds invite the viewer to pause and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

From Canvas to Heart
: The Portrait Carolin Vogelmann

Dear connoisseurs of exquisite aesthetics and excellent taste, in the unique colors of spring, artists and designers find diverse inspirations. The colors of spring are vibrant, fresh, and full of energy.

The delicate pastel tones that characterize spring stimulate the creativity of artists and have already been captured and stylistically interpreted in impressionistic masterpieces by talents such as Monet and Renoir.

The art of Carolin Vogelmann, a young, talented artist, does just that, as her works pay homage to the beauty and diversity of the immense movements of nature.

Carolin Vogelmann is an artist with a unique view of the world. Since her childhood, she has felt a deep fascination for the variations of nature - its structures, movements, colors, and secrets.

For the artist, it is about capturing the outer appearance of nature and capturing the invisible forces and emotions that drive it, transferring them onto canvas.

She manifests the uniqueness of her works through her technical skill as well as deep emotional resonance. Her artworks exude an inner peace and serenity that invite the viewer to lose themselves amidst her masterpieces. It is the universal language of beauty that makes Carolin's art a true gift for every art lover and art connoisseur. Let yourself be inspired by the pastel tones and structural plasticity of Carolin Vogelmann's paintings. An artist who will undoubtedly make significant waves in the international art scene in the near future is Carolin Vogelmann. A tribute to puristic beauty for every art collector.

An Ode to Beauty: Spring Aesthetics in Pink

Dear art lovers of exquisite aesthetics and excellent taste, spring has sprung and with it the longing for beauty and inspiration. In this blossoming season, which inspires us with its unique colors, we would like to present you with an exclusive ode to delicate shades of pink.

Rosé, a color that is far more than just a symbol of youthfulness - sprouting from shades of nude, this hue is a symbol of youth, romance and freshness. This soft shade stands for love, compassion and tenderness and lends a gentle atmosphere to any room. In psychology, rosé is associated with positivity and security and can even reduce stress and increase well-being.

For those looking for something special, we proudly present our latest commissioned artwork from LOREMO, designed in the art style and canvas dimensions of your choice. Immerse yourself in a world of aesthetics and be inspired by the delicate pink tones that permeate these works.

Our talented artists at LOREMO create unique pieces with passion and dedication that appeal visually and resonate emotionally with your individual personality. In these masterpieces, the chosen artistic style merges with the beauty of the rosé color nuance to create a harmonious unity that invigorates your senses and bathes your interior in a magical springtime glow. We invite you to be inspired by the delicate beauty of the exquisite shades of rose and join us in fully enjoying the art of spring. Contact us today to create your very own LOREMO commissioned artwork from our curated renowned international top artists - a masterpiece that combines your individual art ideas and the beauty of spring. Enjoy the aesthetics of spring in pink with LOREMO.

Modern Art De Luxe: The Artist Portrait of Petra Schott

Dear art enthusiasts of exquisite aesthetics and excellent taste, today, we would like to introduce you to the renowned artist Petra Schott, whose masterpieces form a unique symbiosis of personal and collective everyday memories. Petra skillfully weaves her multisensory memories into shapes, textures, and lines, creating an abstract visual language that elegantly oscillates between lyrical abstraction and subtle figurative elements.

Specializing in large-scale canvases, Petra Schott primarily employs oil paints to emphasize the softness, natural essence, and depth of her artworks. Her artistic approach generates a generous intimacy in the use of color, producing a subtle interplay between comfort and longing. It is as if entering a dream belonging to a collective consciousness, as aptly described by the renowned art curator Nell Cardozo.

Since 1990, Petra Schott has regularly presented her works nationally and internationally. Through her impressive creations, she has captured the attention of national and international galleries, art critics, and collectors alike. From numerous solo and group exhibitions to the International Contemporary Art Fair Monaco, various art projects, and the Venice Biennale – Petra Schott is a top-tier artist whose name should be remembered.

Her art is an inviting journey through the interplay of colors and forms, creating a harmonious connection between the artist's individual perspective and collective memories. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of this exceptional talent. Shape an inspiring space of luxurious excellence with the works of Petra Schott and LOREMO. The abstract masterpieces reflect purely aesthetic expression.

The Color Eucalyptus: Fresh Elegance in Design & Art

Dear art enthusiasts of exquisite aesthetics and refined taste, relaxing and invigorating at the same time: The shade of Eucalyptus tones our senses and revitalizes the mind. In the artworks of LOREMO, this vibrant color nuance unfolds into a visual poem that captures vitality, light, and natural beauty in a unique way. Symbolically representing renewal and naturalness, Eucalyptus green imparts unmistakable beauty and revitalizing freshness to the works.

The LOREMO abstract masterpieces, enveloped in the lively color of Eucalyptus green, are more than just artworks – they are unique pieces that, through minimalist design and attention to detail, create a space for contemplation. Each piece directs attention to the essence in the harmonious interplay of color and form.

Whether as wall paint or as an accent in furniture and accessories, the color Eucalyptus radiates invigorating aesthetics and gives the room a touch of energy and modernity. This color not only appeals visually but also emotionally to the viewer, and for good reason: Our eyes house 137 million photoreceptors, capturing 70 percent of all human sensory perceptions. The significance of colors in psychology is, therefore, not to be underestimated, and it plays a central role in interior design. Properly dosed, the right chosen color not only influences the style of a room but also well-being.

Experience the refreshing grace and naturalness of the color Eucalyptus in art and design with LOREMO. Let yourself be inspired by the aesthetics and dive into the invigorating world of this revitalizing color nuance. Create with LOREMO a space that brings aesthetic joy and simultaneously exudes an oasis of extravagance.

Minimalism: The Artist Portrait Linda & Laura Lepiarczyk

Dear art lovers of excellent aesthetics and good taste, in the world of abstract art, we discover fascinating talents whose works not only impress visually, but also embody a deeper meaning and philosophy.

Today we introduce you to talented artists Linda and Laura Lepiarczyk, two sisters from Germany who are dedicated to creating contemporary minimalist art. Linda and Laura Lepiarczyk present themselves as a creative duo who create each of their artworks with passion and dedication. In a world that is often characterised by restlessness, minimalism for them means creating a place of calm that allows you to focus on the essentials and the important things in life.

Linda and Laura Lepiarczyk describe their artistic vision as the creation of minimalist sculptural artworks. These abstract masterpieces are characterised by a reduced design, neutral colours and a focus on the essentials. Each work is unique, characterised by attention to detail and a striving for the highest quality and precision work.

The artworks of these two artists are aesthetically pleasing and open up a space for reflection and meditation. The minimalism embodies a beauty of its own. They emphasise that their materials are carefully selected to ensure that every detail is shown to its best advantage. This dedication to detail is reflected in each of their art paintings. We invite you to discover the fascinating world of Linda and Laura Lepiarczyk at our LOREMO art configurator. Immerse yourself in the minimalist beauty of their art paintings, which transforms luxurious spaces and creates oases of calm and contemplation within you.

The Art of Gifting: Gifts of a very special personal value

Dear art lovers of excellent aesthetics and good taste, the month of December marks the beginning of a time of anticipation and enjoyment. The days get shorter, the nights longer, and as a soft winter blanket covers the cities and landscapes, the magic of indulgence awakens. During these special weeks, we not only experience breathtakingly beautiful seas of light and the scent of pine needles, but also the joy of giving.

As the holidays approach, we begin to look for unique gifts for our loved ones that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also carry a deeper meaning. This is where LOREMO artwork becomes a wonderful expression of love and appreciation. In the stillness of winter and contemplation, we sometimes discover the true meaning of giving. It is not just the exchange of material goods, but the opportunity to express deep emotions and affection. A work of art from LOREMO becomes more than just a gift at this time; it becomes a narrative of love and appreciation for the uniqueness of the recipient.

Each work of art tells an individual story and thus becomes a carefully selected gift that goes far beyond its material value. LOREMO's artworks are not only visual masterpieces, but also an expression of emotion, creativity and a unique connection to a loved one through their high emotional value through individualization. This festive season, a work of art from LOREMO becomes a wonderful and lasting gift that brings the magic of art into the hearts of your loved ones. But giving a gift is not just an act of generosity, it is also a source of happiness. The sparkle in the eyes of the recipient when they open a gift is priceless. It is this joy that makes gift-giving so special and touches hearts in a very special way.

Let us enjoy this festive season together with a touch of exclusivity and the unique beauty of LOREMO. A fine selection, imbued with personality and craftsmanship that not only enchants the eyes, but also touches the soul. In the art of LOREMO, every gift finds its place as a work of art of infinite love and timeless elegance.

Luxurious Realms: The Artist Portrait of Melanie Korte

Dear art enthusiasts of excellent aesthetics and refined taste, in the world of art, it is the individuality of a work that forges a unique connection with the observer. Behind every brushstroke and color nuance lies a symbiosis full of emotions and technical finesse. Today, we would like to introduce you to an artist whose abstract paintings are renowned as unique emotional worlds on canvas in the art realm: Melanie Korte.

Melanie Korte is a versatile artist with an impressive career. She has worked on projects for prominent films such as "The Witcher," "Game of Thrones," or "The Wizard of Oz," and is among the most sought-after youth book and fantasy illustrators in Germany. Despite her success as an illustrator, Melanie Korte has increasingly returned to classical painting techniques in recent years. This return to classical painting was not only an artistic decision but also a very personal one. Since birth, Melanie Korte has been suffering from a severe autoimmune disease, which exposes her to intense chronic pain. Painting liberates her from these pains, allowing her to capture snapshots of her inner world and express them expressively in her works. Her abstract paintings invite viewers to dive into her innermost self—a world free from boundaries and limitations. Melanie Korte creates art that is not only visually appealing but also a dance into the depths of her own soul. She reflects these depths with opaque color variations, shimmering elements, and minimalist sculpture elements.

The international recognition of Melanie Korte is evident in exhibitions in various cities in Italy, including Milan and Rome. Italy, as a bastion of art, was a special honor for her. It is further proof of the powerful force of her masterpieces and her ability to captivate people, art connoisseurs, and collectors around the world.This outstanding artist opens up the opportunity for us to see the world through her eyes. Her art is a journey that ignites our imagination. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Melanie Korte and let yourself be inspired by her abstract glossary.

Autumn Enchantment: The Most Sensuous Trend Colors

Dear art enthusiasts of exquisite aesthetics and refined taste, autumn is undoubtedly a season of metamorphosis. Nature drapes itself in a cloak of warm hues, and the world around us becomes a work of art in earthy tones. The colors of autumn have always captivated both artists and art lovers alike, and this year's autumn color trends perfectly reflect that fascination.

A perfect harmony of sensuality and emotion. Here, the elegance of deep Bordeaux meets the mysterious purple and the warmth of beige and brown. These colors evoke memories of falling leaves, cozy evenings by the fireplace, and the incomparable beauty of autumn. In the world of art, these color combinations prove to be a true treasure. Artists find an endless source of inspiration in these colors, using them to capture and bring to life the atmosphere, mood, and emotions of autumn in their works.

But this color combination is not limited to the realm of art alone. In interior design, it can work wonders as well. Decorate your home in the autumn with luxurious Missoni accessories and create a warm, inviting atmosphere. From cushion covers to unique rugs, the Missoni color combination creates a high-quality ambiance where you can feel at ease.

Thanks to the option of custom color selection for your commissioned artwork at LOREMO, you can tailor your art to match the color palette of your interior. Let your imagination run wild and design artworks and spaces that embody the elegance and beauty of autumn.

Autumn is a time of change and renewal, and the autumnal Missoni color combination reminds us of the diversity and fascination of the world of colors. Immerse yourself in this rich palette and let the art and aesthetics of autumn inspire you. Experience how the Missoni color combination brings the enchantment of autumn in all its splendor into your life, and let this luxurious color palette inspire you to new creative heights in your home.

Engage your Senses: The Artist Portrait Sina Augustin

Dear art enthusiasts of exquisite aesthetics and refined taste, there are moments in life when art enchants us, engages our senses, and unleashes our emotions in a wild dance of colors and shapes. Today, we would like to introduce you to an artist whose works have the power to do just that: the talented artist Sina Augustin. 

Sina's journey is extraordinary. From her childhood, she had a latent artistic talent that manifested in various ways and evolved over the years. However, it was only a few years ago that she discovered her passion for abstract art. This captivating art form has been a daily companion in her life ever since.

Abstract art is not just a hobby for Sina; it is the expression of her personality and her deep fascination with aesthetics. She draws inspiration from the infinite beauty of nature, aesthetic phenomena of all kinds, and the personal emotions that move her in everyday life. Abstract art has the unique ability to enrich us in countless ways - it touches us, evokes memories, and inspires us to dream. With her art, Sina aims to transform the homes of her clients into individual oases of aesthetics, where a unique, very personal artwork emotionally touches them every time they look at it.

Her works are characterized by powerful textures, harmonious color compositions, and metallic effects that captivate the eye and touch the soul. It is important to her not to set too many boundaries for her style as an artist and to constantly evolve this unique art form.

For Sina, art means freedom and the endless exploration of new ideas. There are many different colors, shapes, and techniques that lead to unique and captivating artworks. The works of Sina Augustin are more than just visual masterpieces. Let yourself be enchanted by the creative magic of Sina Augustin and immerse yourself in her world of abstract art. Learn more about Sina in our Art Configurator or book a color and art consultation to bring the beauty of her art into your home.

Stylistic Color Compositions: The sensual Magic of Blue Hues

Dear art enthusiasts of excellent aesthetics and good taste, join us as we delve into the fascinating world of modern art. With a special focus on stylistic color compositions, this time we want to immerse you in the enchanting magic of blue hues. Let yourself be inspired by the symbolism of this color's power and experience the ability of these shades to bestow upon your living spaces an aura of extraordinary sophistication.

Blue hues have always held a special allure in the art world. This royal color palette is associated with the serenity of calm waters or the professionalism of the business world. Blue tones represent refinement and etiquette. They convey tranquility and a sense of trust and intellect. In the world of design and aesthetics, blue hues are seen as symbols of elegance and good taste, making them equally beloved among artists and interior designers.

At LOREMO, our artists harness the nuances of this color spectrum to convey deep emotions, thoughts, and stories. Whether in a soothing, flowing form or an explosive composition, various shades of blue often play a crucial role in our artworks, imparting a sense of sophistication and extravagance.

The versatility of blue allows it to take on a dominant role or subtle complement in abstraction. Depending on the intensity of each shade of blue, they are often mixed with light pastel tones. As a primary color, blue can either capture attention within a composition or subtly accentuate other colors. In the form of timeless elegance, blue tones pair excellently with muted white and beige.

Dear art lovers, we cordially invite you to immerse yourselves in the fascinating world of blue hues with us. Experience the tranquility, elegance, and emotional depth that this exquisite color conveys in our artworks at LOREMO. Our goal is to consistently create a harmonious color palette of the highest quality that will make your discerning eye shine.

Silver Sophistication: Bring the Spotlight into Your Home

Dear art lovers of exquisite aesthetics and good taste: Today, we invite you to immerse yourselves with us in the dazzling world of the color silver. With its bold shine and timeless elegance, this color has fascinated and inspired the international art world for ages. Silver, a metallic hue shimmering between white and gray, embodies elegance, modernity, and sophistication. This color reflects light in a unique way, giving artworks remarkable depth. Silver represents innovation and timeless beauty, exerting an irresistible allure on artists and viewers alike.

In art history, the color silver has taken on diverse meanings. It has often been associated with the moon, symbolizing spiritual enlightenment and femininity. Simultaneously, silver possesses a modern and futuristic character that perfectly suits contemporary expressions. The use of silver in artworks bestows upon them a touch of luxury and glamour that significantly appeals to the senses.

In the works of LOREMO, silver is not merely seen as a color but as an expression of emotions and ideas. Our artists utilize the shimmering nuances of silver to infuse movement, depth, and structure into their works. By combining silver with other colors, fascinating contrasts and harmonious compositions emerge, captivating gazes and igniting the imagination. The oxidizing nature of silver, which develops into a unique patina over time, is a theme that is extensively explored in our works. Much like artworks mature over time, the color gradually acquires a distinctive, one-of-a-kind beauty over the years. This transformation tells a story of transience, transformation, and continuous change. Experience the timeless elegance, modern charm, and emotional layers embodied by silver in our works. Let yourself be enchanted by the magic and discover the unique interpretations in the artworks of LOREMO.

The Beauty of Pastel: Artist Portrait Anna Egger-Piskernik

Dear art lover of exquisite aesthetics and good taste, today we would like to introduce you to a remarkable artist: Anna Egger-Piskernik. Our Austrian artist not only loves contemplating art but also passionately creates her own masterpieces. After years of experimenting and trying out various techniques and styles, Anna has found and established her very own distinctive style.

Inspired by the beauty of haute couture, she creates harmonious color compositions in pastel tones that blend fluidly together, forming a kaleidoscope of infinite possibilities. Anna calls her concept "Panta rhei" - everything flows, connects, overlaps, and nothing remains as it is. By changing perspectives and discovering new angles, she generates a fascinating dynamism in her works.

Dive into the lightness of colors and feel the joy conveyed by her vibrant artwork. Anna's art inspires, soothes, and provides constants in a hectic world where an aesthetic and harmonious home becomes increasingly important.

At LOREMO, we have the privilege of offering exclusive commissioned works by Anna Egger-Piskernik - artworks that emphasize your individuality and create a unique connection to the emotions of the viewer. Her works pay homage to the beauty of haute couture and the infinite facets of pastel tones.

Let yourself be inspired by her passion and love for art and enrich your living space with a unique masterpiece by Anna Egger-Piskernik. Experience the magic of Panta rhei. We cordially invite you to enrich your living spaces with Anna Egger-Piskernik's unique masterpieces. An inspiring journey through the color worlds of pastel tones.

The Art of Pouring. A fluid Sensation of Liquids

Dear art lovers of exquisite aesthetics and good taste, join us in immersing yourself in a fascinating world of abstract art combined with the unique pouring technique. In this art form, colors meet emotions, and the canvas becomes a playground of creative freedom. Abstract art has always stirred the imagination of people. It is an art that knows no clear boundaries, leaving room for interpretations and personal experiences. In harmony with the pouring technique, works of unprecedented depth and dynamism come to life. The fluid colors merge on the canvas, creating a spectacle of vibrant textures and fascinating shapes that captivate the observer.

The magic of abstract pouring art lies in its unpredictability. The artist pours the colors onto the canvas and guides them with care, yet there remains a certain space for the serendipitous interplay of hues and fluids. It is a dance between control and chaos, giving birth to unique artworks filled with energy and movement. Each abstract pouring artwork is a one-of-a-kind creation. It not only represents the technique and style of the artist but also their feelings and thoughts, expressed in every movement of the flowing colors. These artworks tell their own stories, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves and discover a completely individual meaning within them.

In the portfolio of LOREMO, we have integrated pouring as an art style, as it offers its own fascination and sensuality to spaces. This painting style combines the captivating technique of liquid art with the artist's sensual emotions. We understand that art is more than just an aesthetic object. It is an expression of personality and a mirror of the soul. Abstract pouring art transforms your domestic spaces into an oasis of creativity.

A Class of Its Own: Artist Portrait Julia Magdeburg

Dear art lovers of exquisite aesthetics and good taste: Today, we would like to introduce you to a remarkable artist: Julia Magdeburg. While many talents have been pursuing their artistic passions since childhood, others initially choose a seemingly "more sensible" path. Such was the case for Julia Magdeburg, who initially opted for a medical degree and pursued the classical profession of a surgeon. However, her deep connection to art could not be suppressed. The experiences in medicine, where the human being is at the center - with all their suffering, pain, and weakness, but also with healing, joy, and life - had a lasting impact on Julia. The intense experiences in surgery inspired her to express her impressions and emotions in her works. Her creations immerse the viewer in the world of abstract acrylic painting and stimulate personal interpretations.

Julia Magdeburg was constantly confronted with the omnipresent reality in surgery, but in art, she had the opportunity to unleash her imagination and express her innermost feelings. She seized this opportunity to create poignant and intense works that deeply touch people's innermost selves. Her artistic development was continuously driven by new challenges, and she impressively experimented with various techniques. Particularly, abstract acrylic painting became her passion. Julia Magdeburg's works exhibit unmistakable expressive power. With a heightened sense of color and dynamic forms, she captures the essence of emotional vibrations, thus establishing a connection between the viewer and the artwork. Her abstract paintings invite the viewer to immerse themselves in a world of imagination and personal interpretation.

Julia has already achieved notable success in the art world. Several of her works are exhibited in internationally renowned galleries. Her artworks are particularly appreciated for their expressiveness and aesthetics, gaining increasing recognition in the international art scene. We can look forward to the new works Julia Magdeburg will create in the future.


Iconic design classics meet modern commissioned art

At LOREMO, aesthetics and the combination of timeless design with individual artistic expression are at the forefront. We would like to show you how timeless design classics harmonize perfectly with our handmade unique pieces.

The Vitra Design Chair, a true classic of furniture design, embodies minimalist elegance and timeless forms. To enhance the staging of this design object even further, we recommend a fitting combination with modern art in terms of shape, color, and style. An abstract commissioned artwork by LOREMO! The carefully curated artists at LOREMO are experts in captivating through originality, recognizability, and unique distinctive styles. By employing various techniques and materials, they create one-of-a-kind artworks that perfectly showcase design icons such as the Vitra Design Chair. Through their color scheme, composition, and expressive power, these abstract artworks elevate the ambiance of a room to an entirely new level.

In addition to the Vitra Design Chair, there are other design classics that can be accompanied by our artworks. An example is the Eames Lounge Chair, which impresses with its iconic design and high seating comfort. By combining it with an abstract artwork, this design icon becomes the centerpiece of a room and tells the viewer a completely new, individual story.

Another legendary design icon is the Bertoia Diamond Chair by Harry Bertoia from Knoll, a masterpiece of modern design aesthetics. Its delicate wire grid structure forms an elegant silhouette, and the diamond-shaped backrest gives it a striking presence. By complementing it with a customized artwork, the Bertoia Diamond Chair becomes an artistic statement, infusing the room with an atmosphere of its own.

LOREMO allows you to personalize your design classics. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world and enhance your design icons with top-class artworks!


Bitumen with Gold : The Artist Portrait Silke von Clarmann

Dear connoisseurs of exquisite aesthetics and refined taste, today we are delighted to introduce the artist Silke von Clarmann to you. Her passion for art was ignited at a young age through her enthusiasm for sailing. During her sailing adventures, she crossed paths with the esteemed Chiemsee painter Paul Paulus, who sparked her creative spirit and opened up the world of art to her.

She discovered her love for painting and drawing as a child and used it as a retreat and space to dream. After a long break due to the birth of her children, Valerie returned to her original passion with unbeatable power. Valerie's artworks are characterised by their unique combination of texture and colour, which can evoke different emotions and moods in the viewer depending on how the light falls. She believes that art is more than just a visual experience, but also connects to the soul.

Driven by curiosity and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, she pursued a degree in art history. However, she quickly realized that success as an artist required more than just theoretical understanding. Consequently, she chose to combine her knowledge of art with a business administration degree. This innovative combination enabled her not only to comprehend art but also to master the business aspects of the industry. In 2018, Silke von Clarmann took the leap into a larger studio, elevating her artistic career to a new level. Since then, she has showcased her works in numerous solo and group exhibitions in prestigious galleries and museums in Germany, Austria, Italy, and Spain. Her pieces have captivated attention and garnered praise from critics and art enthusiasts worldwide. Silke von Clarmann possesses an exceptional talent for creating abstract artworks that transcend the boundaries of reality. By eschewing concrete representations, she invites us to immerse ourselves in a world of abstract forms, colors, and lines. Her works challenge our imagination, offering a wholly new perception. Through subtle means in her abstract works, Silke von Clarmann conveys emotions, encouraging us to reflect upon and interpret our own feelings.

Incorporating the latest technique into her abstract works, she introduces bitumen, also known as the "black gold." The processing of bitumen gives rise to a world filled with nuances of color, forms, and emotions—a world that can only be crafted through precise material knowledge, extensive experience, and an incredible number of layered applications. In a final step, von Clarmann combines the black gold with golden leaf or genuine 24-carat gold. This juxtaposition of the two contrasting gold types is fascinating: a deep black, weighty mass radiates with gleaming gold—a true glow of summer.

Artist Portrait: Valerie Cee

Dear art lover of excellent aesthetics and good taste, today we would like to introduce you to Valerie Cee. A renowned artist of the abstract, modern style - who enchants the senses and emotions of her viewers with her unique works of art. Born and raised in Salzburg, Valerie has lived and worked in Munich for more than ten years.

She discovered her love for painting and drawing as a child and used it as a retreat and space to dream. After a long break due to the birth of her children, Valerie returned to her original passion with unbeatable power. Valerie's artworks are characterised by their unique combination of texture and colour, which can evoke different emotions and moods in the viewer depending on how the light falls. She believes that art is more than just a visual experience, but also connects to the soul.

Valerie describes painting as a kind of therapy that has helped her to cope with her health problems and to draw new strength. She sees playing with colours, shapes and materials as a space of realisation and freedom where she can express her senses and emotions.

Valerie Cee's artworks are not only unique, but also designed with great attention to detail. We are therefore very happy to be able to offer you exclusive commissioned works by Valerie at LOREMO, to present you with artworks that are so individual and unique that they create a very special connection to your soul and touch it in a unique way.

As a master student of Markus Lüpertz, Valerie's works have already been exhibited in various exhibitions and galleries and are highly sought after by art lovers. She is an artist who lives her passion to the fullest, inspiring others to discover their own creativity and promote their own healing.

Overall, Valerie Cee is an exceptional artist with a distinctive personality. Her individual artworks are a true enrichment for any space and bring a new dimension of feel-good atmosphere into our lives.

The Art of Aesthetics

Dear art lovers of excellent aesthetics and good taste, let LOREMO seduce you on a journey of exclusivity and beauty. We will guide you through an extravagant world of colors and emotions while we introduce you to the uniqueness and vision of LOREMO.

With LOREMO we have created a platform that creates an intense connection between art and your distinctive, individual personality. It is the result of a lifelong passion for art and the desire to create a whole new dimension of artwork - artwork that touches you deep in your heart and soul through an individual fit, sparking a love for life.

As a platform for exclusive commissioned art that creates personal masterpieces to match interior colors and your own style, our concept is based on color psychology and neuron science. We have combined this fundamental knowledge with the latest artificial intelligence technology. One's own style and interior colors merge with the artist's signature creation on a single canvas to create a custom work of art. An exclusive unique piece as you are.

The world without LOREMO is a cosmos where works of art are considered more like an incongruous trophy than a valuable asset. LOREMO is about more than a purely visual experience - it's about a deep connection between the artwork and your personality.

Our artists create artworks that make us want to look at them for hours and lose ourselves completely in them - in full harmony with our personality. LOREMO delivers artworks that embody your love for life.

LOREMO has inspired us to look and feel art in a new way. Experiencing the love of life in a unique piece of art is our greatest asset. Be a part of this lifelong joy and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of LOREMO and our artists. The art of aesthetics holds the unique magic of beauty.

Let LOREMO create your love for life. Exclusive art made to measure for individualists of special taste.

Blooming Paintings for You

LOREMO Art Gallery wishes you a wonderful Easter with abstract works of Modern Art. Enjoy the wonderful time of spring in the midst of a blooming colorfulness with an inspiring article of our art blog, by bringing you closer to the connection of Easter and the abstraction of Modern Art.

Easter and the abstraction of art. At first glance, these topics do not seem to have much to do with each other. But on closer inspection, there is actually a deep connection between these two, seemingly contrasting, themes. Abstract art is also seen as a symbol of spiritual profound experience. Easter is a time of self-reflection and connection with the divine. It is a time of joy, hope and new beginnings in the midst of a blooming spring.

Abstract art, in a way, gives us a spiritual experience. An abstract work of art encourages us to connect with our inner self and explore our own spirituality with all our senses. Abstract art often seems more incomprehensible at first. It has no clear narrative meaning and it is often difficult to derive a specific message or statement from an abstract work of art. Yet abstract artists such as Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, and Piet Mondrian have had a profound effect on the art world and society. Abstract art has expanded the boundaries of art and created new forms of artistic expression.

Abstract art serves as a metaphor for resurrection. Like resurrection itself, abstract art is an act of rebirth. The artist creates something new out of nothing, with no clear idea of what will emerge. The result is a work that can be confusing at first glance, but upon closer inspection reveals a deeper meaning and beauty that will make any viewer think.

Easter and abstract art accordingly not as contrary as it may seem at first glance. Both themes emphasize the beauty and meaning of life and artistic expression. So how about a piece of art that expands your senses and every day in your home? LOREMO offers you the unique opportunity to commission through our exclusive art configurator your individual artwork uniquely made for you, which expresses its sensual exclusivity every day.

The Art of Love

Dear art lovers as well as lovers of wonderful aesthetics & good taste. We are very happy to present you every two weeks an exclusive blog entry about art, lifestyle and our renowned top artists. And let's be honest, when could be more fitting than to launch a new project on the occasion of Valentine's Day, inspired by the love of unique art. Art has the ability to touch us, inspire us and make us think. Through almost nothing we can express our feelings and our individual personality better than through the beauty and diversity of art.

Valentine's Day has become a day of commerce. To that end, we want this blog article to remind us again of the value and beauty that this day brings. Therefore, we think that Valentine's Day should not be measured by the number of roses, but rather in self-love. Therefore, why don't we celebrate a day of love for ourselves?

Self-love is the ability to accept and appreciate ourselves, regardless of our faults and weaknesses. It is about loving ourselves and giving ourselves the attention and recognition we deserve. Instead of looking for love from others, let's focus on loving ourselves even more and treating ourselves to the things that make the small, wonderful moments of everyday life more beautiful!

To concentrate on the beautiful things of the life often comes in the stress of everyday life too briefly. The fast pace of life often does not allow us to actively enjoy the small things of everyday life. The birds chirping in the morning, the hot cup of coffee on the way to work and the actually beautiful way there, which simply becomes like invisible in the course of time. Therefore, take time for yourself today, time to enjoy the little things. Instead of seeing Valentine's Day only as a day of romantic love, we should celebrate it as a day of self-love and joy of life.

Give yourself something that makes you happy and lets you celebrate the beauty of life. What fits better than a piece of art personally customized in your wishes for you - which expresses your individual, unmistakable beauty of your unique personality. We are not interested in mass, we are interested in an exquisite selection of extravagant styles that our artists represent. Styles that, together with your individual colors, let your interior become an expression of yourself.

LOREMO stands for the appreciation of art, for individual expression and exclusivity. To combine your unique personality with art and to unite it on a unique piece of art is our greatest goal. Each of us is unique and so should be your art at home, because it accompanies you every day, can influence your feelings and even help you to be more creative and innovative. A pure homage to yourself. In this sense, LOREMO wishes you a wonderful Valentine's Day that is as unique as you are.

Colorful Paintings for Spring

Spring gives you a unique opportunity to change your home in an aesthetic way and at the same time express your own creativity. In particular, it is important to choose an elegant combination of colors, which will bring to the forefront of the color composition not only your own style, but also your distinctive character. A highlight of aesthetics is set by abstract artworks. This type of art will give your home a modern and dynamic atmosphere.

Abstract art encourages you as a viewer to find your own interpretation of the work and thus stimulate your imagination. At its core, aesthetic abstraction focuses on the use of shapes, colors, and textures rather than realistic images or concrete objects. This allows you to interpret art in a more personal way, drawing inspiration from your own experiences and emotions.

Abstract art manifests itself in many different shapes and colors, from geometric shapes and bold colors to subtle and abstract lines. Colors here can be very impactful and used to create a certain mood or even to draw attention to certain areas of the room. Our space and color experts are here to offer their years of expertise to help you choose the style and color space that best suits your home.

To best integrate abstract art into your home, planning a custom piece of art to match your personality is the ideal solution. Our renowned artists work with great attention to detail to create the perfect artwork for your home, reflecting your interior and preferences par excellence. High quality is our top priority. Our founder attaches great importance to an exquisite selection of renowned artists from the international art scene, which she curates exclusively for LOREMO. With her exquisite taste, she convinces through class instead of mass.

Abstract art is a great way to express your personality and taste and thus beautify your surroundings. It allows you to tell your own story and create your surroundings in a personal and unique way.

So use the beginning of spring to reflect your tastes and personal preferences as well as rediscover your surroundings. Get ready to unleash your creativity and beautify your home with abstract art from LOREMO. Let's create your perfect piece of art together and transform your surroundings into an inspiring and creative oasis. Treat yourself to the opportunity to enrich your surroundings and enhance your creativity. Your home deserves to be surrounded by you first-class art.

Art in Nude Look

In recent years, a new trend in interior design has been established: Nude colors. These soft and natural tones perfectly match the warm and cozy living spaces that are becoming more and more popular. Nude colors are also on the rise in art. In this article, we would like to give you a closer look at both trends and show you how they can be used in interior design.

Nude colors in interior design: Nude colors are soft, natural tones that are reminiscent of skin colors. They range from light beiges and creams to warm browns. These colors are perfect for warm and cozy living rooms, which are becoming more and more popular. A living room with nude colors looks calming and inviting. Nude colors can also be used in bedrooms and bathrooms to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Nude colors can be used as wall paint, on furniture or as accessories. A wall in a nude shade can make the room look larger, as it does not distract the eyes. Nude colors are also easy to combine and go well with many other shades.

Art in nude colors: Not only in interior design, but also in art, nude colors are on the rise. Artwork in nude colors can have a room-filling effect and make a wonderful statement. Whether it's abstract paintings, sculptures or photographs, art in nude colors can add a special touch to any room. A piece of art in nude colors is especially suitable for rooms with neutral tones, as it creates an interesting contrast. However, it can also be used in rooms with nude colors to create a harmonious overall look.

Holy Christmas for You

Individual art from LOREMO Art for Christmas - a special gift idea. Christmas is the time of giving and joy. To make this special time even more memorable, individual art is a great gift idea. Unique artwork not only shows creativity and originality, but also that you have taken time and thought to choose a special gift.

Custom art can be presented in many different forms, from drawings and paintings to sculptures, photographs and prints. It can be a portrait of the recipient or a piece that reflects their interests and preferences. Custom art can also represent a special memory of a special event or place.

One way to acquire custom art is to purchase artwork from local artists or art galleries. This is a great opportunity to support local art and purchase a unique piece that few others will own. It is also possible to buy custom art online, for example through platforms like Etsy or Society6. Here you can find a wide selection of artwork from artists all over the world. Individual art can also be created by oneself. For this, one can, for example, take a course or get inspiration from a professional artist. It can also be a great way to create a special keepsake at Christmas that can be admired and shared every year.

When choosing a piece of art as a gift, it is important to know the recipient well and take into account their preferences. A piece of art should not only look beautiful, but also have a deeper meaning and connect with the recipient. In conclusion, custom art is a wonderful gift idea fen Christmas that creates a special meaning and a deeper connection to the recipient. It shows that time and thought has been put into choosing a unique and special gift. Whether you buy art or create it yourself, it's important that it tells a story and makes an emotional connection with the recipient. Custom art can also be a great way to support local artists while purchasing a unique piece of art.

If you are looking for a special and unique gift for Christmas, you should think about considering a piece of art. It can preserve a memory forever and bring joy every time you look at it. In any case, custom art will certainly be a memorable gift for Christmas that will be remembered for a long time. So why not consider a special piece of art as a gift and leave a lasting impression?

The Art of Autumn

Autumn is a magical season characterized by golden leaves, cool weather and a very special mood. This mood has inspired many artists throughout history to create works of art that capture the beauty and magic of autumn.

Many artists have been inspired by the colorfulness of autumn and have created stunning works that capture the vibrant colors of the leaves and the mild light of the autumn day. The works of artists such as Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet are known for their colorful depictions of the autumn landscape.

Autumn is also a time of farewell and change, and many artists have incorporated these themes into their works. Artworks such as William Morris' "Fall of the Leaves" show the transience of autumn and the end of a season. Other artworks, such as Jackson Pollock's "Autumn Rhythm," show the movement and flow of autumn through abstract shapes and colors.

In addition to landscape paintings and abstract works, there are many other types of art that focus on autumn. These include photography, sculpture, drawings, and prints, for example. Artists often use different materials to depict the beauty of autumn, including paper, clay, wood, and fabric.

In conclusion, autumn is a wonderful season that has inspired many artists to create artwork that captures the beauty and magic of this time of year. From colorful landscape paintings to abstract works, there are a variety of artworks that focus on autumn and capture the beauty of this season. We should take the time to look at these works and enjoy the magic of autumn.



All statement artworks by LOREMO are custom-made with love for you by our creative artists. They are nor art prints, nor multiple creations or duplicates. They are exclusively one-of-a-kind unique art paintings, original and unmistakable pieces. We follow the principle of the modern abstract and contemporary art approach. Our focus is to create personalized art made to be loved and last to underline your lifestyle and make your home even more an aesthetically pleasure.



Our experienced color and design experts support you location independent through digital media tools in order to figure out the right color code for your dream painting. Within the digital color and design session, the experts will incorporate the latest color and design trends. They will have a look at your interior design concept and your personality in order to deliver you the best match in color, size and style. One digital session lasts on average 45-60 min depending on your individual requests.



We are focusing on individuality and a personal approach. For us it is of highest importance to take the time to listen to your individual expectations and turn them into reality. Upon request, your statement artwork will be exclusively packaged with a personal signed greeting card from your artist an afterwards be delivered to your most beloved person as a special gift together with our LOREMO Art Certificate of Authenticity.

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